Israel kan ikke angripe Irans atomanlegg på egen hånd, sa Israels president Shimon Peres torsdag, og kritiserte dermed statsministerens linje, noe han ikke likte.

Commenting on statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu andDefense Minister Ehud Barak that Israel must fend for itself, Peres said: “Israel needs to depend on itself, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to give up on its friends. When I say I have a right to self-defense, that doesn’t mean that I must be enraged at everyone. Not at all.”

When asked how Israel should proceed if it doesn’t succeed in stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Peres said that the “Plan A” was to stop Iran from going nuclear, at all costs. ”There is no Plan B,” he added.

Et israelsk angrep vil gripe inn i og vil kunne involvere USA på en måte det ikke har herredømme over. En supermakt liker å ivareta sine interesser selv, og bestemme hvordan.

Peres er likevel overbevist om at Obama ser Irans planer som en trussel som også angår USA.

“Iran is a global threat, to the US and Israel alike,” he added, and said that he is convinced that the US will take action when the moment of truth comes.

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