Fire utbrytere fra den største syriske opposisjonsorganisasjonen i utlandet, Syrias nasjonale råd, varslet at de danner en konkurrende eksil-regjering, i tilfelle regimet faller brått.

Outside Syria, meanwhile, divisions among opposition groups appeared to deepen. Four months after several important figures broke away from the Syrian National Council, the main opposition group outside of Syria, the offshoot organization — the Council of Syrian Revolutionary Trustees — nominated one of its own leaders, Haytham al-Maleh, to form a transitional government. Mr. Maleh, a former political prisoner who resigned from the Syrian National Council over what he described as inefficiencies, said that he would form a government including all sides of the opposition, arguing that a new government must be formed immediately to avoid a “political or administrative void” once the Assad regime is toppled.

Mr. Maleh said his group would move to Aleppo after what he called its liberation from Assad government control.