Et bulgarsk nettsted oppgir navnet på en amerikaner, David Jepson, som hjalp mannen som sprengte en israelsk turistbuss i lufta i Burgos, Bulgaria.

Det fremgår nå at selvmordsterroristen hadde medhjelpere, en eller to. Det er uklart. Det også uklart hvem so

Jepson was based in the Bulgarian coastal city of Varna, north of Burgas, and gave “guidance” to the bomber, according to the report on the site novonite.com. The site stressed this information was unconfirmed.

It said Jepson was captured on CCTV footage at Varna airport at the end of June, had spent a few nights staying at a hotel near the Festival Congress Center in downtown Varna, and had disappeared since the bombing. Police suspect he is still in Bulgaria, the report claimed.

The name “David Jepson” first surfaced on Friday, in a report in the Hebrew daily Maariv. It claimed that Jepson is the man in the artist’s sketch being distributed by Bulgarian police. There have been conflicting reports as to whether the man in the sketch is believed by the Bulgarians to have been an accomplice to the bombing, or the bomber himself.

Maariv’s report on Friday claimed the Bulgarian authorities were searching frantically for Jepson because they believed he had a second bomb in his possession.

Artist's sketch of a man believed by Bulgarian authorities to have assisted the Burgas bomber. (photo credit: screen capture)Artist’s sketch of a man believed by Bulgarian authorities to have assisted the Burgas bomber. (photo credit: screen capture)

Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said on Saturday that “there may have been a second man” directly involved in the bombing. “We have not ruled that out.”

The Bulgarian Daily Standard claimed Sunday that a second accomplice to the bomber might also still be at large. Both of the accomplices were at Burgas’s Sarafovo Airport at the time of the bombing, it said.

One of them was a back-up bomber ready to replace the bomber if things went wrong. The second one had orders to shoot one or both of the others in the event that they were caught by security officials, the report claimed.


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