En dose humor (dvs. latter) forlenger ikke bare livet, Humor er viktig medisin hvis man vil bevare forstanden. Det kan man konstatere hvis man ser på denne uskyldig tegning av Jesus og Mohammed som tar seg en øl.

Det var den sekulære, ateistiske foreningen ved University College London som brukte en tegning av Jesus og Mo på sin facebook-side. Det ble for mye for en student som klaget til studentforeningen som tok saken opp med The Atheist Secular Humanist group og ba om at tegningen ble fjernet.

Dette er ikke en så liten sak som det høres ut. University College London ble opprettet i 1826 som det første rent sekulære universitet i Storbritannia. Oxford og Cambridge var kristelige. Opprettelsen skjedde under motstand fra Church of England.

At studentforeningen på dette universitet ikke tolererer en morsom tegning, er ikke til å tro, sier leder av Atheist Secular Humanist Group.

Man er etter samtaler blitt enige om å snakke sammen ved neste korsvei, men prinsipielt er det ingen avklaring.

The Atheist Secular Humanist group at University College London (UCLASH) has been asked by the Students’ Union to remove a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed (part of the Jesus and Mo series) from one of their events posted on Facebook. The request was made after a complaint from a Muslim student who claimed that he was offended by the image that appeared to show the prophet with a pint of beer – alcohol is strictly forbidden to Muslims.

Speaking to the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS), UCLASH President Robbie Yellon said: «That student representatives of the country’s first secular university should attempt such an act of censorship is disheartening. The Union officer [I have been speaking with] stated «I have spoken to other faith societies this year about their publicity and, for example, asked them to change it when it contravened UCL’s equal opportunity statement» but she did not say we had contravened it ourselves.»

Mr Yellon was later invited to visit the Union and discuss the issue further. The NSS supported UCLASH in this issue and advised them before their meeting with the Union. The outcome of the meeting was that the Union have now agreed to meet with ACLASH in future to discuss any problems rather than banning any materials.
UCL was founded in 1826 as a secular alternative to the strictly religious universities of Oxford and Cambridge, despite strong opposition from the Church of England. It was the first higher education institution in England to accept students of any race or religious or political belief and was christened by Thomas Arnold ‘that Godless institution in Gower Street’. It is therefore particularly important to support and defend the right to freedom of expression without religious interference and to make a clear distinction between illegal attacks on individuals because of their religion and ‘offence’ used as a means to stifle this freedom.

Students defend freedom of expression at University College London