President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sier Tyrkia om nødvendig er forberedt på krig med Israel.

Erdogan er i Egypt og ser ut til å la seg rive med av sin egen popularitet. Den slags uttalelser har en pris hos ansvarlige politikere.

Sveriges Radios reporter sier Erdogan oppfattes som en ny Nasser. Samme populisme, samme spill for galleriet, og samme antivestlige tendens, foreløpig konsentrert om Israel.

In an interview Monday with Egyptian newspaper Al Shuruq, Mr. Erdogan said the «Turkish Navy is prepared for every scenario – even the worst one.»

«I don’t want to put the cart before the horses,» he said, «because any such plan is hinged upon Israel’s response and its willingness to accept a just solution that will preserve Turkey’s honor.»

«What I can say is that we are committed to four things: Protecting the rights and honor of the Turkish people, stopping Israel from disregarding international treaties and customs, implementation of Turkish demands through international tribunals, and ending the blockade on Gaza.»

En egyptisk kommentator sier at Erdogan prøver å fylle Egypts plass i regionen, og kalt det teatralsk opptreden. Men også teater kan utløse uforutsette hendelser.

Adel Soliman, head of Cairo’s International Centre for Future and Strategic Studies, also told Reuters that concerns about a Turkish-Egyptian alliance against Israel were overblown and that Erdogan is merely trying to fill Egypt’s void as a regional leader.

«Egypt is not in a position to play such a role at the moment so Erdogan is trying to take advantage of that,» Mr. Soliman said. «I don’t think they will have any big agreements when it comes to Israel. There is a lot of exaggeration. I see it more as theatrics than anything practical.»

Turkey says it is prepared for possibility of war with Israel
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said Monday in Cairo that he is prepared for the worst case scenario with Israel, while Israel scrambles to cover its flanks in a multifront diplomatic crisis.