Joseph Biden har noe som presidenten ikke har: han tør å vise følelser. Det er faktisk blitt et stort handikap for Barack Obama at han ikke tør slippe seg løs, men alltid er Mr.Cool. Det hemmer kommunikasjonen.

Biden viste mye følelser i talen ved Pentagon 9/11: det var America at its best. Biden kunne gått rett inn i rollen som sheriff.

And those of you who survived that cowardly act, I say it again, I’m the one that’s honored to be here with you. To the family members, I know what it’s like to receive that call out of the blue, that the dearest thing in your life is gone. I know these memorials — and you’ve been through many — are bittersweet moments for you because as you sit here right now, unlike a month ago, everything has come back in stark relief. It’s not a thought. It’s precise. You remember that God-awful empty feeling you remember being sucked into your own chest, that feeling of hollowness. So I want you to know that I personally believe that the courage you’re showing today is remarkable. It’s hard to come back. You have that sense of overwhelming pride and love and devotion, but also that feeling of “oh, my God.”