Tre studenter ble drept, 21 såret og 130 arrestert på samme universitet i Damaskus hvor president Bashar al-Assad lovte reformer mandag.

Situasjonen på Universitet i Damaskus sier det meste: presidenten prater den ene dagen og sikkerhetsstyrkene dreper den påfølgende.

Utløsende var kvinnelige studenter som gikk til politistasjonen slik myndighetene oppfordret til. Da de ikke var vendt tilbake ved solnedgang mobiliserte rundt 200 til demonstrasjon: hvor var studinene?

Det var nok til at sikkerhetsstyrkene rykket inn. De tok strømmen og slo løs og skjøt.

Several people were killed and dozens were beaten or detained by security forces who launched the raid at Damascus University late Tuesday, activists said. The raid came hours before Foreign Minister Walid Moallem gave a news conference televised live in which he reiterated the pledge Assad made at the university Monday to commit to reform and to hold broad negotiations with different segments of Syrian society.

There were also reports of deadly violence between antigovernment protesters and those loyal to Assad in other parts of the country.

«A leader only sets a vision for reform,» Moallem said during the news conference. «The tangible results … are going to come from the negotiation table. After we make reforms, we will teach others how to reform.»

Like Assad, Moallem described the months-long protest movement against the regime as the work of foreign conspirators. He called European sanctions against Syria for human rights violations «almost a declaration of war.» Moallem also promised more rounds of amnesty for prisoners, many of whom have been held on security charges without trial for years.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters that he had noted the Assad government’s promise of reforms, but also questioned its credibility «because the situation has been continuing.»

According to witnesses and activists, prisoners at a detention facility in the eastern province of Hasakah rioted late Tuesday, taking control of the facility and demanding freedom before being surrounded by army troops.

«There are no guards in the prison any more,» said Khalaf Dahowd, a Syrian opposition activist based in Britain who is in touch with relatives in the mostly ethnic Kurdish province. «The prison is surrounded by the army and there is a big fear they might attack the prison.»

Syrian forces raid dorms, 3 students killed
Security forces launch the raid at Damascus University a day after President Bashar Assad made a speech there pledging reform. About 21 students are reported injured and 130 arrested. Violence continues in other parts of the nation.