Regimets brutale metoder og folkets motstand gjør at antall drepte i Syria bare stiger. Så langt meldes det om 62 drepte i løpet av fredagen.

The death toll in Syria’s pro-democracy demonstrations rose to 62 on Friday, including 13 in the central town of Rastan, the Observatory for Human Rights reported.

For første gang var det en stor folkemengde som møtte frem i Damaskus, minst 10.000 ifølge Voice of America.

Friday’s demonstrations marked one of the few times anti-government protesters have gathered on the streets of the city’s capital, Damascus, where security forces tried to disperse at least 10,000 of them.

President Bashar al-Assad’s violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Syria will eventually lead to his overthrow, former vice president Abdelhalim Khaddam said in remarks published on Thursday.

Khaddam, who fled to Paris in 2005 after nearly 20 years as vice president, also told Egypt’s Al-Shorouk newspaper he expected the Syrian army to stop supporting Assad and end «the sectarian strife he and his family are instigating.»

«Assad has exposed himself completely before the people, through the crimes committed by his security apparatus,» Khaddam said. «This has created a deep feeling among Syrians that the continuation of the regime would be a catastrophe.»

«The depth of the rift between the regime and the majority of the people… will lead to the collapse of a regime desperately struggling to survive,» he said.


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