Geert Wilders uttalelser om profeten har falt Saudi-Arabia tungt for brystet. Siden Wilders parti er støtteparti for regjeringen utba kongedømmet seg en forklaring.

The Hague — The Dutch ambassador in Riyadh had to clarify for the Saudi authorities statements made by PVV leader Geert Wilders. This is reported by sources in The Hague. The Saudis are furious about the statements he made concerning the prophet Mohammed.

The politician wrote at the end of March in an article that the prophet Mohammed suffered from a ‘brain tumor’ which would give him delusions. Wilders wanted to start a debate about the true nature of the prophet and ‘unmask’ him at the same time.

That infuriated the Saudis, who demanded clarification from the Dutch government, as now seems evident. Ambassador Ron Strikker spoke about the affair with authorities in Riyadh. The [Dutch] Foreign Office wanted to avoid publicizing the affair.

Yesterday minister Verhagen (Economic Affairs) visited the Islamic kingdom. Amongst others, he spoke with his colleague Al-Naimi, who as minister controls the vast quantities of Saudi oil. The Wilders affair was not addresses, emphasized a spokesman.

The chill in relationships was removed after the soothing words of Strikker, but other sources said serious attention was given anyway, as the Saudis likely would address the affair once more.

Wilders hoped his words about the prophet Mohammed would have the effect of increasing apostasy amongst the Muslims worldwide.

At the same time the statements forced minister Rosenthal (Foreign Office) to explain to foreign authorities the government’s political cooperation with the PVV.

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