Leder av ANCs ungdomsbevegelse, Julius Malema, er trukket for retten for ved flere anledninger ha sunget den gamle ANC-sangen som oppfordrer til å «skyte boerne». Men i dagens Sør-Afrika er det en politisk forbrytelse å gå inn for å skyte noen. Eller?

To afrikaaner-organisasjoner har stevnet Malema for retten. Selv hevder Malema at ingen ville finne på å ta ordene bokstavelig. Det er en politisk sang. Men er det dermed seierherrenes justis, eller gjelder ytringsfriheten alle parter?

Controversial ANC youth-wing leader Julius Malema is trying to protect his right to sing the words «shoot the Boer» in a civil suit brought by two predominantly Afrikaner organisations in South Africa.

AfriForum, which says it represents Afrikaner interests, has argued that Malema’s «objectionable utterances» amount to hate speech, and are an incitement to violence against whites. «Boer» is the Afrikaans word for farmer.

Malema has argued that, in the context of liberation songs, the word merely refers to a system of white oppression.

The case, which started on Monday, has attracted wide interest among the public, and was broadcast live on television.

AfriForum and a farmers’ organisation are seeking an apology from Malema, and want him forbidden from singing the song in public again. They want him to pay R50,000 (£4,500) into a fund providing aid to victims of farm attacks, which have been numerous since the end of apartheid.

Malema, who is renowned for his outspokenness, espouses extreme left-wing politics, making him something of a bogeyman for white South Africans. He was embraced by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, a controversial figure in her own right, who sat beside him in court.

ANC youth leader Julius Malema fights hate speech lawsuit
Afrikaner organisations in South Africa bring civil suit over singing of song featuring the lyrics ‘shoot the Boer’