USA har varslet flere hundre personer om at de kan være i fare pga Wikileaks-lekkasjene. I noen tilfeller har USA hjulpet personer med å komme seg i sikkerhet.

Dette er personer som er identifisert som samtalepartnere med USA i rapporter fra ambassader verden over.

The United States has warned several hundred people worldwide it believes may be imperiled by WikiLeaks’ release of classified U.S. diplomatic cables and has so far helped a handful of them relocate to safer locations, the State Department said on Friday.
State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said those at risk could include civil society activists, journalists or government officials whose discussions with U.S. officials as recounted by WikiLeaks could anger foreign governments or other political forces.
«We are focused on people who have been identified in documents and assess whether there is a greater risk to them of violence, imprisonment or other serious harm, particularly in repressive societies around the world,» Crowley told reporters.
«We’ve identified several hundred people worldwide that we feel are at potential risk,» Crowley said. «In a small number of cases, we have assisted people moving from where they are to safer locations.» He did not say if any of the people involved had cited a specific threat.
Crowley declined to discuss specifics of the U.S. help for those involved but said U.S. officials were monitoring the situation. He added the United States had warned foreign governments not to seek reprisals against those named in WikiLeaks releases.

U.S. relocates some people named in WikiLeaks cables