I forslaget til vedtak på NATO-toppmøtet i Lisboa til helgen står det ingenting om at de amerikanske taktiske atomvåpnene skal fjernes fra Europa. Dette er et nederlag for Barack Obama, som i en tale i Praha i fjor satte seg som mål å fjerne atomvåpnene.

Realismen i disse planene synes svakere når ikke NATO selv en gang vil fjerne atomvåpnene fra europeisk jord. Det skal være Frankrike som motsatte seg at de ble trukket ut.

In the latest draft of Nato’s «new strategic concept», seen by the Guardian, nuclear weapons remain at the core of Nato doctrine, and an attempt to withdraw an estimated 200 American B-61 nuclear bombs from Europe, a legacy of the cold war, is not mentioned.

Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium – who all have B-61 bombs on their soil – had pushed to have the tactical weapons removed, with the encouragement of supporters of disarmament in the Obama camp including the US ambassador to Nato, Ivo Daalder.

However, in a victory for France, which led a rearguard action against diluting nuclear deterrence in Nato doctrine, the draft strategic concept states that the weapons would only be removed as a trade-off with Moscow.

«In any future reductions, our aim should be to seek Russian agreement to increase transparency on its nuclear weapons in Europe and relocate these weapons away from the territory of Nato members,» the draft states. «Any further steps must take into account the disparity with the greater Russian stockpile of short-range nuclear weapons.»

Advocates of disarmament still hope the door to withdrawal could be left open in another strategic review, possibly next year.
Paul Ingram, head of the British American Security Information Council (Basic), said Obama’s radical vision of «a world without nuclear weapons» laid out in his Prague speech was now fading.

«I wouldn’t say it was dead. It’s in emergency resuscitation,» Ingram said.

«If there is hope no, it’s not coming from Washington. The leadership of this is not going to come from Washington.»

Sjansene for at det sittende Senatet skal vedta den nye Start-avtalen er heller ikke store. Demokratene må ha noen republikanske stemmer med på laget, og utsiktene til at det skjer, er synkende.

Barack Obama’s hopes for a nuclear-free world fading fast
Two of the president’s initiatives, on disarmament and relations with Russia, have been dealt a serious setback

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