Ledelsen for SPD bestemte seg mandag for å innlede eksklusjonsprosedyre for Thilo Sarrazin. Beslutningen kan slå tilbake. Meningsmålinger viser at et flertall av tyskerne er enige med Sarrazin i synet på muslimer og økonomiske konsekvenser, og blant SPD ønsker enda flere å beholde ham.

The SPD’s leadership voted on Monday to begin proceedings to exclude Sarrazin from the party in response to his comments. But surveys indicate that a majority of Germans agree with the firebrand politician, and many SPD members have contacted the leadership saying they want him to remain a member.
An opinion poll conducted by the Emnid polling institute on behalf of the Bild am Sonntag newspaper found that 53 percent of Germans believe Sarrazin should stay in the SPD. Among SPD supporters, the share is even bigger, at 56 percent.

A number of top SPD officials past and present have criticized the planned expulsion. «I would keep him,» Peer Steinbrück, a former finance minister, told SPIEGEL, adding that even though he would never have said what Sarrazin expressed, throwing him out would not solve Germany’s integration problems.

SPD board member Martin Schulz told the mass-circulation Bild newspaper that excluding Sarrazin from the party would play straight into his hands. «We should focus on the issues Sarrazin is talking about, and not so much on him as a person,» said Martin Schulz, the chairman of the Social Democrats’ group in the European Parliament.

Peter Struck, the former head of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, said: «I would have made clear: This is the personal opinion of Thilo Sarrazin. And then one could have left it at that.»

Sarrazin har våget å si høyt det «alle» tenker eller snakker om mann-til-mann.

Sarrazin’s book contains controversial statements like the following: «From an economic point of view we don’t need Muslim immigration in Europe. In every country Muslim immigrants cost the state more in terms of their low employment and high use of welfare benefits than they generate in added economic value.»

«Among Arabs in Germany, in particular, there is a widespread tendency to have children in order to receive more social benefits, and the women who are often imprisoned in the family basically have hardly anything else to do.»

To back his claim that Germany’s average intelligence is destined to decline, Sarrazin cites research that between 50 and 80 per cent of intelligence is hereditary. He combined that with statistics showing that poorly educated Muslim immigrants had a far higher birth rate than ethnic Germans. The result, Sarrazin argues, will be a steady dumbing down of the German population.

Det den tyske eliten henger ham på er uttalelser om arvelighet og intelligens, men det han sier er ikke spesielt oppsiktsvekkende. Det er omstridt, men ikke illegitimt. Men den europeiske liberale eliten ser nazisme og Auschwitz over alt.

Sarrazin Turns into Migraine for Social Democrats