Den økumeniske gruppen Christian Peacemaker Team rapporterer om trakassering og fengsling av unge palestinske gutter i Hebron på ikke-eksisterende grunnlag. Gutter helt ned i 12 år fengsles i to og tre måneder, – for ingenting.

Paulette Schroeder skriver fra Hebron:

Our Palestinian neighbor sent her 15yr.old son to buy bread. Fifteen minutes later, Israeli soldiers blindfolded and handcuffed him, accusing him of throwing stones. The boy insisted he did not throw stone/s at the soldiers. Nevertheless, he is now spending time in the Israeli prison system. Having spent the first 17 days in Ofir Prison among men who may/ may not have committed serious crimes, he continues to insist on his innocence. He will spend 4 or 5 months in another Israeli prison until his court case is completed. All for the «crime» of supposedly throwing a stone at soldiers!

Mohammed, and Eissa too, were walking with the 15 yr. old. Mohammed is 14yrs. old and Eissa is 19. The Israeli authorities held Mohammed in Ofir Prison until a donor contributed 2000 shekels. (This amounts to $500.00 approximately.) Eissa is also serving time in Ofir. Both these boys insist they did not throw a stone.

Near our CPT apartment soldiers accused a 12 yr. old boy of throwing stone/s. He too spent one week in Ofir prison.

Soldiers recently blindfolded and handcuffed an 8 yr. old boy for stone throwing. They forced him to spend 8 hours with a dog behind a military gate.

A 14 yr. old neighbor boy was helping his dad in his store, cutting cardboard boxes filled with wares. The soldiers saw him with a knife, blindfolded him, whisked him away behind the military gate, holding him for two hours while the father pleaded at the gate.

A 15 yr. old boy in the neighborhood ran an errand for his father. The soldiers saw him running, grabbed him, and likewise detained him behind the military gate for 2 hrs. as his father also insisted his son did no wrong.

Besides the issue of the boys’ ages, and the severity of the sentences imposed, there is also the persistent need of the parents to travel 2 hrs to the prison, their consequent loss of work, and their travel expenses involved. (Approximately $15.00 each trip) Sometimes before a child’s case is settled, the parents must travel 4 or 5 times to the courtroom.

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