Den pakistanske hæren har helt mistet apetitten på et felttog mot den pakistanske Taliban i Sør-Waziristan. De vil heller satse på en ny runde med fredsforhandlinger. USA er fortvilet.

A top Pakistani general, Nadeem Ahmed, recently said preparation for such an operation could take up to two months. Now there will be no ground assault at all, according to a senior Pakistani politician known to have strong military ties. Instead, the politician tells TIME, the military will try to buy off some TTP factions through peace deals.

This alarms U.S. officials, who point out that terrorist leaders have previously used peace deals to expand their influence. Such deals have been «abject failures that at the end of the day have made the security situation in parts of Pakistan worse,» says a U.S. counterterrorism official. «Why the Pakistani government keeps returning to this strategy is a mystery.» (See pictures of Pakistan beneath the surface.)

A senior Pakistani military official tells TIME a ground operation in the mountainous wilds of South Waziristan would be too difficult and would risk triggering a «tribal uprising» in a region over which Islamabad has little control.

Det er vanskelig å vinne krigen i Afghanistan hvis det ikke gjøres noe med Taliban i Pakistan.

Pakistan: No Military Campaign Against the Taliban