Mir Hussein Mousavi viste lørdadg en langt spakere holdning enn tidligere. Han lovte å søke innenriksdepartementet om lov til å demonstrere. Samtidig krevde en ayatollah dødsstraff for demonstranter i en tale som ble sendt på riksdekkende TV.

In his latest message Mr Mousavi urged supporters not to break the law, while maintaining that the struggle to have the polls annulled must continue. The opposition leader said he had been asked by the Interior Ministry to apply in person for rallies to be authorised, and to give a week’s notice. He pointed out that while restrictions were imposed on his protests, supporters of President Ahmadinejad were able to hold marches «that were well publicised on state television, seeming to encourage participation, with their regularly advertised march routes.»

At det finnes hatefulle ayatollaher ikke noe nytt. Men Ahmad Khatami er medlem av Ekspertrådet. Han fikk tale på Universitetet i Teheran, og talen ble sendt på TV. Budskapet er hevnlystent, hatefullt, nærmest morderisk. I Allahs navn.

In a sermon at Tehran University, a venue believed to have been chosen deliberately because of the prominent role played by students in the protests, one Assembly of Experts member, Ahmad Khatami, said: «I want the judiciary to punish rioters without mercy, to teach everyone a lesson.»

Mr Khatami’s speech, which was broadcast nationwide, continued: «Based on Islamic law, whoever confronts the Islamic state should be convicted as mohareb [one who wages war against God] and punished ruthlessly and savagely. Under Islamic law punishment for those convicted as mohareb is execution.»

He also claimed that Neda Agha Soltan, the icon of the opposition shot dead last Saturday, was killed by demonstrators. But Associated Press reported that a Basij militiaman shouted «I didn’t want to kill her» after she died. Demonstrators stripped him of his identity card and took his photograph before letting him go.

Iran uprising fizzles out as Mousavi backtracks