Israel slo ikke til én, men tre ganger, mot forsøk på våpensmugling til Hamas. To ganger mot lastebilkolonner i Sudan og én gang mot et skip i Rødehavet, avslører ABC.

A U.S. official confirmed to ABC that there were actually three attacks in total. This information matches reports from Sudanese officials of two strikes on truck convoys on January 27 and February 11, and the sinking of a suspected arms ship in the Red Sea.

According to the report, 39 people riding in the 17-truck convoy were killed, while a number of civilians in the area were injured.

Israeli officials declined to confirm or deny whether Israel had been involved in an air strike in Sudan.

However, outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert hinted on Thursday at Israel’s suspected role in the reported air-strike.

«We operate everywhere where we can hit terror infrastructure – in close places, in places further away, everywhere where we can hit terror infrastructure, we hit them and we hit them in a way that increases deterrence,» said Olmert, speaking at a conference in Herzliya.

«It was true in the north in a series of incidents and it was true in the south, in a series of incidents,» he added. «There is no point in going into detail, and everybody can use their imagination. Those who need to know, know. And those who need to know, know that there is no place where Israel cannot operate. There is no such place.»

The Sudanese politicians, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, said the strike took place in a remote area of east Sudan but did not say who carried it out.

Det kan være at Israels rekkevidde og kapabilitet er blitt økt etter avtalen som Tzipi Livni og Condoleezza Rice inngikk i januar, om økt etterretningsinnsats for å avsløre våpensmugling.


By Haaretz Service