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Krigen i Gaza overskygger at Hizbollah og Hamas, og deres støttespillere Syria og Iran, faktisk truer fremtiden til araberne og muslimer generelt.

Det blir derfor helt feil å si at Israels handlinger skaper ekstremisme blant muslimer, både i Midtøsten og Europa. Noen må konfrontere ekstremismen. Kanskje er det slik at Israel faktisk gjør araberne en tjeneste når de tar et oppgjør med disse kreftene, skriver lederen for det syriske reformpartiet Farid Ghadry.

Det handler om det som kalles human development. Når Hamas og Hizbollah står overfor utvikling og fremskritt, velger de heller destruksjon for å forsvare et religiøst credo, et ønske om å utslette motstanderen og skape en teologisk stat.

Valget er Gaza eller Dubai, skriver Ghadry. Hamas og Hizbollah har ingenting å tilby menneskene. De kan ikke skape et samfunn, bare en utopi, og for den er de villig til å ofre alt og alle.

Many ask why fellow Arabs would support the destruction of Hamas and Hizbullah. The answer is simple. Both organizations, in addition to the rule in Damascus and Iran, represent everything that is wrong in the Middle East today: Morally weak organizations or states seeking revenge, extolling resistance, and abetting violence against those who have surpassed us in knowledge and technology.
Hamas, Hizbullah must be destroyed

Our only chance, as a civilization that invented Algebra and helped usher advances in medicine, astronomy, and literature during an era of co-existence with the west, is to re-create that co-existence. How could we do that if ignorance is our guide and violent men are our leaders? Witness co-existence by the fact that Algebra was invented by al-Jabr just about the same time the Jewish King Omri founded Samaria.

How could Arabs and Muslims help their societies if their program for progress is built upon violence? When was the last time Hamas or Hizbullah issued their 5-year plan to improve the lives of their followers? It will never happen because the failed leadership of both organizations seeks power instead of duty, money instead of benevolence, and longevity in both instead of renewal for the good of their people.

Hizbullah and Hamas must be destroyed and the regimes in Damascus and Tehran must be changed for all Arabs and Farsi people to survive and prosper in an ever evolving world timed in nanoseconds and propagating through quantum physics. Their poisonous rhetoric of violence feeding a frenzied mass of ignorant Arabs leaning on their extreme religion to honor their incapacity to compete with the West is destroying future generations of hopeful saviors of our culture and traditions.

We Arabs must be the ones to stop Hamas and Hizbullah, rather than support their demonic and twisted logic of resisting development, enlightenment, and progress of the region. Even when development and enlightenment stare them in the face, their instinct is to destroy them pretending to safeguard their honor, the mechanics of which supersede all else including a happy life of fulfillment and accomplishments.

So while we abhor violence of all kind, Israel’s campaign against Hamas must continue to the bitter end not only for the sake of peace but also to help Arabs realize they have a choice: Destroy like Gaza or develop like Dubai. Will this happen soon? Maybe not, but if a wake-up call and a nudge, once in a while, to pierce through the fog of deceit perpetrated by Syria and Iran is what it takes to see the light, then we stand by the West and Israel in the only hope that an Arab Renaissance in the Levant may actually have a chance of resurrection.

Farid Ghadry is the President of the Reform Party of Syria, a leading US-based opposition group to the rule of Assad and «resistance» in the Levant

Arabs must decide

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