En parlamentskomite advarer regjeringen og sier innvandringen er folks fremste bekymring. Den har nådd et nivå hvor den splitter samfunnet og skaper spenninger med fare for sammenstøt. En firedel av britene føler landet mister sin karakter.

They are so worried that they told the Government it must act urgently to defuse tensions before the concern boils over into riots.

The MPs’ devastating report concluded that migration has had a significant impact on communities and local services – greater even than crime and terrorism.
The MPs stressed: «The Government needs to take immediate action to address public concerns about migration and to defuse tensions before they lead to disturbances.»

The report by the Communities and Local Government Committee is the latest in a growing list of damaging studies warning that Labour’s open-door immigration policy has piled pressure on our towns and cities.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said: «The Government still does not get it.

«It is not a question of managing local impacts, it is a question of a massive impact on our whole society from having to build the equivalent of seven Birminghams in the next 25 years.

«Until the numbers are brought under control, the Government is just fiddling at the edges.»

The committee’s study said concerns «cannot be simply dismissed as expressions of racist or xenophobic sentiments».

Increasing competition for limited public resources is risking community cohesion, it warned.

And it added that its inquiry had found «new patterns of racial prejudice and hostility between settled Asian and Caribbean communities and new ethnic minorities.»

It also repeated the findings of a Mori poll which showed that a quarter of the public feel local areas are losing their sense of Britishness.

Regjeringen har innført en skatt på 600 kroner av hver innvandrer og sier den vil innbringe 50 mill. pund. Men parlamentskomiteen sier dette er latterlig små beløp i forhold til hva som trengs.