Korrupsjonen i Russland har et omfang som gjør det berettiget å spørre hvor lenge skuta kan seile før den grunnstøter pga grådighet og ineffektivitet. Påtalemakten anslår selv at rundt en tredel av statsbudsjettet går til korrupsjon.

Corrupt Russian officials are creaming off about $120bn (£61bn) a year – the equivalent of a third of the national budget, a senior prosecutor has said.

The country’s new President, Dmitry Medvedev, has pledged to tackle the problem – although correspondents say few expect things will change quickly.

Russia’s investigations committee has opened more than 1,000 corruption cases involving officials in 10 months.

The committee’s chairman said the extent of corruption was much wider.

Alexander Bastrykin said the results of the investigations «do not yet equal the scope of bribery and corruption in bureaucracy», state news agency Itar-Tass reports.

«Practice shows that modern corrupt officials, as a rule, are well-trained and backed up by resources of biased media outlets and legal advice of highly-paid professional lawyers,» he added.

Russian corruption skims billions