Sakset/Fra hofta

Gabor Steingart i der Spiegel har snert i sin kommentar om det demokratiske partiet og spør om det holder på å begå selvmord. Han tror Obama får det tøffere enn antatt.

Obama’s chances of a successful run for the White House are anything but rosy. There are three reasons why his presidential run will be difficult:

First, a politician who favors social policies has a tough time in a recession. In his desperation over the persistent rejection by white working class voters, Obama has shot himself in the foot.

He recently promised voters the moon at a trade union convention: State-subsidized health insurance. A $100 billion infrastructure program for the construction of bridges and roads. A $160 billion ecological investment program. Tax exemption for all pensioners with an annual income of under $50,000. Tax cuts for all middle-income groups. An increase in the minimum wage, which is currently set at $7.50 an hour.

But the voter groups which are decisive for any president distrust people who claim to be miracle workers. The union officials clapped, but many of its members lowered their heads pensively.

These people want new jobs, but they don’t want new government debt. They want leadership, but Obama is only flashing his wallet.

Secondly, he is an opponent of war in a time of war. The United States is fighting a lonely and increasingly difficult war on two fronts, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He would like to finish the war quickly — but the majority of Americans would like to win it first.

Will the Democrats Commit Political Suicide?