Amerikanerne har funnet videoer i Irak av barn som læres opp til å bli terrorister. En stemme instruerer dem på irakisk. Man er ikke helt sikker, men trolig er videoene ekte. Forrige uke brukte Al Qaida to kvinner med Downs syndrom som levende bomber mot to markeder i Bagdad. Det er ikke første gang barn benyttes til terror.

Young children are rarely behind insurgent attacks in Iraq, though they have been used as decoys. In March, police said children were used in a car bombing in which the driver gained permission to park in a busy shopping area after pointing out that he was leaving his kids in the back seat. The children were killed along with three Iraqi bystanders.

Amerikanerne frykter at Al Qaida rekrutterer barn, omtrent som bruk av barnesoldater i Sierra Leone. Det skal også være snakk om at barn kidnappes til å bli soldater, akkurat som i Sierra Leone og Uganda.

Even by the standards of the terror network, the pictures are chilling, with black-masked boys – some of whom appeared to be aged about 10 – storming a house and holding guns to the heads of mock captives.

Another tape showed a young boy wearing a suicide vest and posing with automatic weapons while a third contained pictures of masked youngsters forcing a man from a bicycle at gunpoint in an apparent kidnapping.

About 20 boys wearing ski masks are shown carrying rocket propelled grenade launchers – some of which dwarf the youngsters – assault rifles and pistols.

The release of the footage, which was seized last December from a house at Khan Bani Saad, north-east of Baghdad, was further indication that Al Qaeda is increasingly using children and women for its terror operations, the U.S military said.
Iraqi officials say that more and more young boys are being snatched by militias and Al Qaeda as «recruits» suitable for training.

Iraqi Defence Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari gave no details of numbers but said the abductions were taking place «not only to recruit them, but also to demand ransom to fund the operations of Al Qaeda.»

Both children and women are able to move more freely through the increasingly effective local and US security checks in major Iraqi cities.

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