Norske medier har i hele dag for­talt hvor knu­sende Wino­grad-rap­por­ten er mot Ehud Olmert. Men går man til uten­landske kil­der får man vite noe helt annet:

The head of a five-mem­ber investi­ga­tive panel, reti­red judge Eli­yahu Wino­grad, descri­bed a U.N.-brokered cease-fire as an “achieve­ment for Israel.” And he said Olmert, in orde­ring a last-min­ute ground offen­sive, acted “out of a strong and sin­cere per­cep­tion” of what the prime minis­ter thought was “Israel’s inte­rest.”

The final report stood in sharp con­trast to a strongly wor­ded inte­rim report last April, which cri­ti­cized Olmert per­so­nally for “severe fai­lure” in “has­tily” going to war.
“I think that Olmert has a good chance to sur­vive the report, but that still can change,” said Tamir Sheafer, pro­fes­sor of poli­tics at Jerusalem’s Heb­rew Uni­ver­sity. “Olmert will not resign, that’s for sure.”

The com­mis­sion did not pull pun­ches in descri­bing the fai­lu­res of Olmert’s govern­ment during the 34-day con­flict that, accor­ding to offi­cial figu­res from both sides, kil­led between 1,035 and 1,191 Lebanese civi­li­ans and com­ba­tants, in addition to 119 Israeli sol­di­ers and 40 civi­li­ans.


Israel PM mostly uns­cat­hed by war report 

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