Hamas har brukt våpen­hvi­len til å impor­tere store meng­der våpen og spreng­stoff. Iran har levert og trent Hamas-styr­ken som er dob­let og langt mer pro­fe­sjo­nell. Hamas drøm­mer om å gjøre som Hiz­bol­lah.

Den isra­elske hæren adva­rer regje­rin­gen, men stats­mi­nis­ter Olmert mener tiden ikke er inne til å foreta seg noe mili­tært.

Hamas has exploited a period of rela­tive calm to smuggle large num­bers of anti-tank mis­si­les and 30 tons of weapons-grade explo­si­ves into Gaza, using tun­nels under the bor­der with Egypt, Israeli security offi­ci­als said, speak­ing on con­dition of ano­ny­mity because they were not aut­ho­rized to discuss the issue with repor­ters.

Hamas has also nearly doubled its num­ber of figh­ters to 10,000, the security offi­ci­als said.
Last month, Israel’s southern com­man­der, Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, warned that
Iran is hel­ping Hamas upgrade its figh­ting strength by pro­vi­ding tech­no­logy, fun­ding and direct mili­tary tra­i­ning.


Galant said the tra­i­ning and tech­no­logy has enab­led Hamas to grow from a rag­tag militia into a well-orga­nized group resem­bling an army — com­plete with bat­ta­lions, com­pa­nies, plato­ons and spec­ial for­ces for surveil­lance, sni­pers and explo­sive experts.

Also, the head of Israel’s Shin Bet inter­nal security agency, Yuval Diskin, has said that dozens of Hamas ope­ra­ti­ves are going to Iran for tra­i­ning. He gave no proof for the alle­ga­tion.

Sha­hwan, the Hamas spo­kes­man, said mem­bers of the Pale­sti­nian security for­ces are being tra­i­ned in Isla­mic countries, inclu­ding Iran, but that not all are mem­bers of the Hamas unit.

Olmert: Time not right for Gaza inva­sion

But what wor­ries the direc­tor of Shin Bet, the Israeli coun­ter­ter­ro­rism ser­vice, and the new com­man­der of the Israeli mili­tary, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ash­ke­nazi, is the way that Hamas is using the calm to con­so­li­date its power in Gaza and enhance its mili­tary capacities — and not just to fight its Pale­sti­nian rival, Fatah.

The strengt­he­ning of Hamas and its con­so­li­da­tion of power in Gaza, reflected poli­ti­cally in Fatah’s deci­sion to join Hamas as a junior part­ner in a coalition govern­ment, is a prime rea­son that Mr. Olmert is resis­ting a push from Secre­tary of State Con­do­le­ezza Rice to talk seriously to the Pale­sti­ni­ans about the sub­stance of a peace treaty with Israel.

The con­ti­nuing empo­wer­ment of Hamas is also behind Mr. Olmert’s relu­ctance to embrace the Arab League peace ini­tia­tive recon­fir­med Thurs­day at its sum­mit meeting. Israe­lis may want peace in prin­ciple, but they are very relu­ctant to give up more ter­ri­tory in the occu­pied West Bank, as they have done in Gaza, to a Pale­sti­nian Aut­hority domi­nated by a group unwil­ling to rec­og­nize Israel’s right to exist or to forswear the use of vio­lence.

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