En av Kinas fremste menneskerettsforkjempere Lü Gengsong ble stilt for retten tirsdag, anklaget for undergraving av staten. Hans forbrytelse: i ett essay anbefalte han avpolitisering av hæren. Det var nok. Myndighetene vil ikke ha noen løse kanoner før OL.

A Chinese dissident writer pleaded not guilty on Tuesday at the opening of his trial to charges of «inciting subversion of state power» over essays he wrote criticizing the state, his lawyer and his wife said.

Lü Gengsong was detained last August.

«Lü Gengsong penned 226 essays. In one of them he called for the depoliticization of the People’s Liberation Army and the police. The authorities charged him with inciting to subvert the state,» his lawyer, Ding Xikui, said by telephone.
More than 1,100 Chinese rights defenders, writers, scholars, and lawyers at home and abroad have signed a petition calling for Lü’s release.

A group of Chinese dissidents this month signed an open letter urging the government, which has stepped up curbs on the media, the Internet, academics, and civil rights campaigners, to improve human rights ahead of this year’s Beijing Olympics.

Kona, Wang Xue’e er blitt truet av myndighetene og hindre i å reise for å følge rettssaken.

Police prevented Ms. Wang from traveling to Beijing to petition on his behalf, the New York-based watchdog Human Rights in China said.

Authorities threatened that if she proceeded, she would be dismissed from her job and their daughter’s schooling would also be affected, the group said.

Gungseng har tidligere offentliggjort en bok om korrupsjon i kommunistpartiet, men dette var i 2000.

In recent years, he supported himself as a freelance writer and published a book «Corruption in the Communist Party of China» in 2000. He also published a number of articles on corruption, organized crime, and related topics.

Trial of dissident Chinese writer Lu Gengsong opens as curbs tighten on dissent