Så mange som 1.000 jihadister stormet et militært fort i Sør-Waziristan i Pakistan natt til onsdag. Mange soldater skal være drept eller tatt til fange, melder militære kilder. Det skal være første gang et fort er erobret.

At least eight soldiers died in the raid and 15 escaped, the army says. The whereabouts of another 25 are unknown. Some reports put the death toll higher.
«About 200 militants charged the fort from four sides,» army spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas said.

«They broke through the fort’s wall with rockets.»

Local officials and other reports suggest the number of militants may have been nearer to 1,000.

Observers say this is the first time that militants have captured a fort in Pakistan.

The army says that up to 40 attackers were killed in the fighting, something the tribal fighters deny. There is no independent confirmation of this figure.
Correspondents say that Sararogha Fort dates back to the British colonial period.

It is one of several such posts located along South Waziristan’s mountainous border with Afghanistan.

Military personnel at the base monitor and patrol the frontier which it is claimed is used by militants to transport weapons into Afghanistan.

Militants overrun Pakistan fort

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