Redaktøren for den regimetro avisen Kayhan antyder at Iran har helt andre baser for sitt atomprogram enn de omverden kjenner til, og at dette bør få USA til å forstå at bombing er ineffektivit. De vil aldri treffe de virkelige basene.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, a controversial opposition group that first revealed the existence of the Natanz uranium enrichment plant, claimed last week that Iran was fooling the IAEA by constructing a secret underground military facility three miles south of Natanz under a granite mountain.

Kayhan, one of the most influential pro-regime newspapers in Iran, hinted in a recent editorial entitled «Why there won’t be a war» that there are more nuclear projects than have been disclosed. «Are Iran’s nuclear installations confined only to those places which have been declared?» it asked.

«Can America be sure that if it destroys these it will have eradicated the whole of Iran’s nuclear programme, or at least set it back for a long time?»

The paper, which is edited by Hossein Shariatmadari, a senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and a close adviser of Ayatollah Ali Khame-nei, Iran’s spiritual leader, concluded that the «hullaballoo» about American military action was «psychological warfare aimed only at frightening us».

The editorial touched on several sore points, as US military and intelligence sources admit that not all Iran’s suspected nuclear facilities have been identified and others may be buried almost impenetrably deep in mountainous areas of the country.

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