Den islamske aksjonsfront, en del av Det muslimske Brorskap, trakk seg tirsdag fra valget på borgermestre i landet midt under selve valget. At det største opposisjonspartiet trekker seg, svekker valgresultatet og øker spenningen i landet.

Det har aldri vært holdt borgermestervalg før.

Several hours into voting Tuesday, the Islamic Action Front abruptly announced it was pulling its 90 candidates from the race and accused the government of vote tampering by allowing some military personnel to cast multiple ballots. The party had claimed Monday the state planned to have pro-government voters cast ballots several times, but offered no proof.

«We can no longer take part in this farce and we announce the withdrawal of all our candidates from all governorates,» said the party, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement — a licensed political party, which commands 17 seats in the 110-member parliament.
Unlike Islamist groups in Egypt and Tunisia with a track record of violent confrontation with the authorities, the Islamic Action Front has been a peaceful political force and has practiced charity work through its network of banks, hospitals and schools.
The party opposes Jordan’s 1994 peace treaty with Israel and Abdullah’s close ties with the United States. It also disagrees with the king’s economic policy of openness to world markets and global trading blocs — a threat it regards as Western domination.

Opposition pulls out of Jordan elections