Islamistenes store seier var et resultat av massiv valgsvindel. De militære har inngått en allianse med islamistene, og ønsker å bruke islamistene som brekkstang overfor Vesten.

Det er de tapende partiene som peker på alle uregelmessighetene. De er anmeldt, men ikke tatt til følge. Daniel Pipes og Cynthia Farahat skriver dette i en artikkel i National Review.

The Free Egyptians Party, Egypt’s leading classic-liberal political party, announced on January 10 that it had filed more than 500 complaints about Lower House elections “but no legal action was taken” in response. The party pulled out of forthcoming Upper House elections because “violators are awarded with electoral gains and those abiding by the laws are punished” and called for their cancellation.

Mohamed ElBaradei, former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) withdrew his candidacy for president on January 14 because of his perception of rigged elections: “My conscience,” he announced, “does not permit me to run for the presidency or any other official position unless it is within a real democratic system.”

Six parliamentary candidates filed official complaints against a range of officials and demanded that the elections be annulled and redone, reports the newspaper El-Badil in its January 10 edition. One of the candidates, a Wafd Party candidate named Ibrahim Kamel, explained how he acquired government documents indicating that fewer than 40 million Egyptians were eligible to vote, while the current elections included 52 million voters, implying 12 million fraudulent ballots. This increase was achieved, he said, by taking the names and identification numbers of legitimate voters and duplicating them between two and 32 times in other electoral precincts.

Human Rights Watch anbefalte nylig at Vesten viser godvilje og tror på islamistenes demokratiske vilje og i det minste støtter de mest reformvennlige.

Norske medier har ikke stilt spørsmål ved oppslutningen, selv om man før valget anslo at Brorskapet ikke vil få mer enn 20-30 prosent.

Her kommer et nytt salafistisk parti og vinner 25 %. Hvordan er det mulig? spør Pipes og Farahat.

NRK har kommentert at islamistene er opptatt av å skape stabilitet og respektere fredsavtalen med Egypt.

Reports indicate that Islamists and the military are working smoothly together on such key matters as military autonomy and amending the 1971 constitution. Their cooperation makes sense, for Islamists seek Muslim unity so as to focus full attention on the infidel enemy (especially Jews and Christians).

Where are the cynical journalists casting doubt on the Salafis coming from nowhere to win 28 percent of the vote? Why do hard-boiled analysts, who see right through rigged elections in Russia and Syria, fall for “the biggest crime of fraud in Egyptian history”? Perhaps because they give Cairo a break on account of its having cooperated with Western powers for nearly 40 years; or perhaps because Tantawi rigs more convincingly.

Don’t Ignore Electoral Fraud in Egypt
Egypt’s Lower House election is a sham of the military leadership.