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Memri har transkribert hovedpunktene i Ali Khameneis tale ved fredagsbønnen i Teheran. Det er ufrivillig komisk og avslørende når han sier at det å gi etter for kravet om nyvalg vil være det samme som å innføre diktatur.

Following is a summary of the main points of the June 19, 2009, Friday sermon by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to the English voiceover by the Iranian Press TV.

The Voters Proved To the World Their «Political Consciousness and Commitment» To the Establishment

Khamenei said that even before the elections, the enemies had been spreading rumors of election fraud, and called the «unprecedented» turnout of almost 85% in Iran’s June 12 presidential election a «political earthquake» for the enemy and a celebration for the friends of Iran.

He said that the elections showed that religious democracy is the third and right path, and that the forces of arrogance and democracies devoid of spirituality have failed. He added that the enemies want to crush the people’s confidence in the Islamic establishment, which in turn would undermine the legitimacy of the establishment.

Khamenei said that the high turnout in the election, in which over 40 million Iranians cast their votes, was a great manifestation of the people’s solidarity with the Islamic establishment, and that the election indicated the Iranian nation’s «common sense of responsibility» to determine the future of the country.

He added that all those who took part in the election had proved to the world their «political consciousness and commitment» towards the establishment.

The Rivalry Among The Candidates Was Free And Transparent; Iran Is A Sound and Healthy Society

Khamenei stressed that the rivalry and competition among the candidates was free and transparent. He said that the Western media tried to present these debates as an indication that there is competition and fighting in Iran between supporters and opponents of the Revolution and the Islamic establishment, but that the reverse is true. He said that prior to the election he had warned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about the possible dangers of the debates.

Corruption should be fought anywhere, he stressed. He said that we do not claim that in our establishment there is no corruption, but Iran is a sound and healthy society.

11 Million Votes Could Not Have Been Rigged – But Guardian Council Will Look Into Candidates’ Complaints

Khamenei said that the legal system of the election would not allow any ballot rigging in Iran. The votes were not rigged, and 11 million votes could not have been rigged.

He said that if people still had doubts, these could be dealt with via legal channels, and the candidates can request that the votes be counted again in their presence. He stressed that an investigation should take place, since this is a dangerous precedent, and that the candidates have the right to file complaints.

He said that the Guardian Council, which oversees the election, would look into the complaints of the candidates who are unhappy with the election results.

Leaders Cannot Show Extremism, Riots Cannot Be A Means to Pressure Authorities

Addressing Iranian politicians, Khamenei said that in these dangerous times, we cannot afford to make mistakes and leaders cannot show extremism – since any tendency towards extremism can infect the people and fan more extremism.

Khamenei also called for an end to the illegal street protests aimed at reversing the result of the election. He said that if the Iranian political elite wants to ignore the law, they will be held accountable for all violence, blood and rioting. Everyone must maintain self-restraint and patience; the enemy is lying in wait.

He also warned against attempts by foreign media outlets seeking to destabilize the country. He stressed that prominent diplomats in the Western world had removed their masks, and that the British government was the worst.

Khamenei also decried the slander of former and incumbent top officials in pre-election debates by candidates.

Prior to Elections, The Arrogant Powers Cast Doubts To Ensure Lower Turnout

Khamenei said that before the elections, the arrogant powers had tried to cast doubt on them, so as to ensure lower turnout. Then, after the elections, they realized that they needed to adapt themselves to the new situation, and to come to terms with everything in Iran, including the nuclear issue.

He said that when the protests broke out, they jumped at the chance, and showed their true colors. At this point, he said, Obama stated that «we have been waiting for people to take to the streets.»

But, Khamenei stressed, the rioters were not supporters of candidates – they were riffraff, ill-wishers, and spies, especially for Zionism.

He said that the mistake by some in Iran misled others outside Iran, with the worst being comments by U.S. officials who said they were «worried» about the Iranian nation – while they slaughter people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.

He stressed that the Iranians need no advice on human rights and that they support all oppressed people.

The Time for Rivalry Is Over

Khamenei said that said that the time for rivalry is over and that all should now unite and line up behind the president-elect.