Taliban-leder Mansur Dadullah truer med å sende selvmordsbombere til Europa. En film viser uteksamineringen av selvmordsbombere.

Dadullah sier at hvis Tyskland, Canada og USA kan sende soldater til Afghanistan, kan vel Taliban sende selvmordsbombere andre veien.

Trusselen blir tatt alvorlig i Tyskland etter at det ble kjent at tre tyske konvertitter var tatt til fange i Pakistan.

The likelihood of terrorist attacks in Germany has increased, officials from the interior and foreign ministries said on Friday. Border controls have been stepped up as well as the search for possible Islamist terrorists.

«There is information about suicide bombers directed towards Germany’,» a spokesman for the interior ministry said on Friday.

German Federal Crime Office head Jörg Ziercke confirmed the arrest of three Germans in Pakistan who belonged to a group of 10 German Islamists who had settled in the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent months. The men were all converts to Islam who had become radicals.

Ziercke referred to a June 9 video broadcast on US TV channel ABC that showed Mansur Dadullah, the brother of a recently killed Taliban military leader, visiting a training camp in Afghanistan. In the video, Dadallah saw off four men who said they were on their way to carry out suicide attacks in the United States, Canada, Britain and Germany.

Tyske myndigheter frykter at de står foran en Madrid-bombe.

Germany on Alert as Threat of Terrorist Attacks Increases