Under en tale president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad holdt på Amir Kabir Tekniske universitet i Teheran idag, kom det til en demonstrasjon mot ham. Høyst uvanlig.

The disturbances began when a group of students started chanting during the speech. One held up a poster that read: «Fascist president, the Polytechnic is not a place for you.»

They held an Ahmadinejad picture up and set it alight, then a student set off a firecracker.

Ahmadinejad supporters in the audience began to chant in response, silencing the protesters. The president then continued his speech.

No arrests were reported.

Ahmadinejad has moved to squeeze out liberal and secular university professors and has threatened an outright purge. He named a cleric to head Tehran University for the first time, and dozens of liberal professors were sent into retirement in the past year, though many still remain in their positions.

Last week, hundreds of opposition students in University of Tehran staged a short demonstration, demanding more freedoms.


Iran students disrupt president’s speech