President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad skulle holde tale på Teheran-universitetet. Kun spesielt inviterte fikk plass. Man ville ikke ta noen sjanser. Ahmadinejad er ikke populær etter at han innsatte en religiøs rektor som har rensket ut upålitelige elementer, både blant lærere og studenter.

Men 100 studenter nektet å bøye hodet og demonstrerte i full offentlighet mot presidenten.

«Death to the dictator,» and «Free jailed students,» shouted the protesters, referring to three student activists who have been jailed since May, said witnesses who asked not to be identified out of fear of repercussions.

«It is more than four months since three students have been jailed and are under the worst kind of physical and psychological torture,» said Mohsen Seyedin, a student activist, according to the Web site for Amir Kabir University in Tehran. Pro-democracy students there had protested during a speech by the president in December. «Mr. Ahmadinejad must answer why they should pay this price for criticizing him.»
«Why only Columbia, we also have questions,» read one student banner.

Students in Iran Protest President