Akku­rat som nyna­zis­tens over­fall på den etio­piske stu­den­ten i Pots­dam, er det nå en isra­elsk-tysk kvinne som ble over­falt fordi noen hørte henne snakke hebra­isk på gaten. Det var jen­ter i en mus­limsk-domi­nert bydel som gikk til angrep.

A serious anti-Semi­tic assault took place in Ber­lin last week, when an Israeli medi­cal stu­dent was attacked at night by a group of young women after they heard her tal­king in Heb­rew on her mobile phone. The Israeli woman was bea­ten and wounded. 

The inci­dent hap­pe­ned last week after the 26 year-old stu­dent attended a party at the house of fri­ends in the Ste­glitz neigh­bor­hood in south-west Ber­lin, where a large Mus­lim com­mu­nity resi­des. At about 2 a.m., the woman, who holds a dual Israeli-Ger­man citizen­ship, deci­ded to walk back to her apart­ment after she mis­sed the last bus home, Israel’s lead­ing daily Yedioth Ahro­noth reported. 


While she was walking home and hol­ding a con­ver­sa­tion in Heb­rew with a fri­end from Israel on her cel­lu­lar phone, the stu­dent passed by a group of young women. 

When they rec­og­nized the lan­guage the stu­dent was speak­ing as Heb­rew, one of the girls sud­denly walked up to the Israeli woman and slap­ped her in the face. The other women then joined in, pul­led her hair, beat her up and kicked her. The abuse even­tually stop­ped when the attack­ers thought they heard a police car approa­ching, and they fled the scene. 

Israeli woman attacked in Ber­lin

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