En næringslivsavis i Iran, kalt Asia, er blitt stengt fordi den trykket et bilde av Tysklands kansler Angela Merkel, hvilket er upassende.

Redaktøren sier det bare var et påskudd.

«It is certainly a politically motivated move,» Iraj Jamshidi told AFP by telephone. «They are using the publication of pictures of Ms Angela Merkel with Mr Jacques Chirac and Ms Condoleezza Rice as a pretext.»
He said that the pictures showed the female German chancellor shaking hands with the male French president as well as the American secretary of state in an informal pose, all of which could be considered un-Islamic by hardliners.
«They are saying the publication of such pictures are against the Islamic code and spread immorality and decadence, but all of it is pretext to stop the publication of an independent newspaper which has no dependence on government subsidies,» Jamshidi added.

At det i det hele tatt går an å stenge en avis fordi den trykker bildet av en kvinnelig statsminister, er i seg selv utrolig.

Asia har også tidligere vært stengt fordi avisen trykket et bilde av en kvinne. Men det var leder av Mujahedeen.

Asia daily was itself closed on order of the government from June 2003 to March 2005 after publishing a photo of Maryam Radjavi, leader of the armed opposition People’s Mudjahedeen, which is outlawed in Iran as a terrorist organisation.(afp)