Niall Ferguson tar fatt i Pinters Nobel-tale og hans karakteristikk av Bush/Blair som krigsforbrytere, og paralleller til de verste forbrytelser i historien.

Til beskyldningen om at USA fortsatt skjuler sine forbrytelser under den kalde krigen:

As for the allegation of a conspiracy to hush up American complicity in Cold War human rights violations, he really has to be kidding. You no longer need to rely on articles by Seymour Hersh to know about this stuff. There are easily accessible websites where you can download any number of declassified documents about all the dreaded dictatorships the CIA backed. On the basis of these and other sources, there have been at least five detailed monographs published in the last 10 years on Guatemala alone. Some cover-up.
Nobody pretends that the United States came through the Cold War with clean hands. But to pretend that its crimes were equivalent to those of its Communist opponents – and that they have been wilfully hushed up – is fatally to blur the distinction between truth and falsehood. That may be permissible on stage. I am afraid it is quite routine in diplomacy. But is unacceptable in serious historical discussion.»

Bemerk anklagene om konspirasjon, og mangel på proporsjoner.

Vel så viktig var at Svenska Akademin valgte å gi prisen til en kunstner som er så på viddene. Vi kommer tilbake til talen.

Do the sums, then compare US and Communist crimes from the Cold War