Mens britene teller på knappene om de skal nekte en radikal imam innreise og skjerpe antiterrortiltakene, er det i hvert fall noen som kommer med klare signaler hva som må gjøres. Scotland Yard-sjefen Ian Blair legger heller ikke skjul på svakheter i politiets arbeid. Han retter så en klar utfordring til britiske muslimer, i en tale i en moske i helgen:

«There is an issue about the lunatic fringe of preachers. They’ve just said, ‘They’re lunatics, we don’t need to worry about them.’ Unfortunately we do.» Later, on a visit to a mosque in Forest Gate, East London, Sir Ian listened as iman Ramzan Qadri condemned the blasts. He said: «Islam has never given permission for such attacks to be made against any person or community.»

Sir Ian told the 500 worshippers: «For you, I know, this is the worst nightmare that could happen to the British Muslim community.

«I am afraid this is your problem, and you are going to help us.

«We have to find the creatures of hate, and who they are talking to.»


And he attacked out-dated laws that mean police can only prosecute terror suspects for conspiracy to commit public nuisance as «ridiculous».

Terror suspect free to roam before blasts