Tony Blair idag:

«The fact that these are British-born Muslims changes the paradigm of terror,» Mr. Blair said, warning that a further attack was likely. «We have said repeatedly that this is a very strong possibility,» he said.

«The crucial issue now is can we engage with the community in Britain so that they move from being fairly close to denial about this into a situation where they really engage with us,» Mr. Blair said.

Speaking later at a mosque in east London with Muslim leaders, Mr. Blair said: «We must seize this moment, this weekend, next week. We have to seize a moment in which the Muslim community in Britain changes from your position of shock and disbelief into active engagement in counter-terrorism.»

While the idea met with the strong disapproval of some Muslims, Sir Iqbal Sacrani, the head of the moderate Muslim Council of Britain, acknowledged during a visit to Leeds today that «very little has been done» to counter fundamentalism. «We are all responsible for it in a way,» he said.

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