De voksne i Beeston, forstaden til Leeds som flere av 7-7 guttene kom fra, sier de nå holder øye med de unge, både hjemme og når de drar til Pakistan. De vil forhindre at noe lignende gjentar seg. Men når det er sagt, kommer de med synspunkter som fullstendig slår ihjel det de tidligere har sagt.

«If, for example, Islamic teachings were sufficient at school, not only could those teachings be monitored but kids wouldn’t feel the need to go to madrassas,» said a close relative of Tanweer, who spoke on condition her name not be used.

None of this, said Arshed, could erase anger over the global suffering of Muslims that many believe helped fuel the bombings. Only a change in Britain’s unflinching support for the U.S.-led wars can accomplish that, he said. «What’s happening in Afghanistan and Iraq is making the Muslim community lose fear of death,» Arshed said.

Seated next to him, on the other side of the small table at the community center, Saeed Ahmed nodded his head in agreement. He also said he continues to wonder about the assertions that the bombings were suicide attacks.

Det snakkes om muslimers taqiya, men den ubevisste dobbeltkommunikasjonen i forhold til dem selv er vel så påfallende. Den vitner om en fullstendig mangel på orientering og bevissthet om samfunnet de er en del av. De sier: vi skal hjelpe politiet, og i neste omgang: muslimer er ofre over hele verden. Ikke rart de unge er sinte så lenge amerikanerne står i Irak!

Det er vanskelig å vite hvordan man skal takle slik forvirring.

I deres hjemland er slike vrangforestillinger satt i system, og er oppfatninger som spres av autoriteter:

On July 24, 2005, two Lebanese muftis – the mufti of Mt. Lebanon, Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo, and the mufti of Tyre, Ali Al-Amin – appeared on ANB TV to debate the situation in the Middle East.

Al-Jozo: «We all rejected what happened in London and America [9/11], but who is the real perpetrator? Who is behind these operations? We must ask ourselves these important questions. For the sake of argument, we agreed that 9/11 was carried out by a group belonging to Al-Qaeda, however, reality says otherwise. I could never accept such a thing, because many experts have told us that this operation could have only been carried out by professionals…»

(Garaudy Proved the U.S. was Behind 9/11:)

Host: «So you don’t think Al-Qaeda is responsible?»

Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo: «I don’t think so, and I cannot believe that Al-Qaeda has the ability to fly four planes simultaneously over Washington without any military plane budging. I am holding a book by French author Roger Garaudy called Western Terrorism. He brings proof from the Americans themselves. He says: ‘The Bin Laden theory seems very weak, even technically speaking. An in-depth discussion among many civilian and military American pilots has made it clear that such a large-scale and precise operation could only be carried out by professional and highly-trained pilots who can hit with precision a target that looks like a pole from the altitude of a huge passenger jet…»

Garaudy er som kjent den franske revisjonisten, som er en helt i den arabiske verden.

Al-Jozo: «That is what America aimed at. It wants to sow civil strife among Muslims. We are opposed to this.


«Some even say America itself is carrying out some of the operations in which a man blows himself up to kill many civilians, in order to distort the image of Muslims.»

Host: «You can’t simplify things like that, as though America and Israel are responsible for everything.»

(The Zionists Are Involved in the London Bombings; Martyrdom Operations Are «100% Good»)

Al-Jozo: «America and Israel… There is no doubt that Israel plays a major role in distorting the image of Islam. Even in London – I said that Zionists are involved in that operation – they want to distort the image of Islam in Britain and Europe, and to drive a wedge between Muslims and the West. This is obvious.

Middelalderen fremstår som rene opplysningstiden mot denne galskapen. Men dette blir fremført av religiøse ledere med den største selvfølgelighet.

Muslims in Britain Start to Take Harder Look at Their Young

Lebanese Mufti Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo: Support for Killing Americans; Suicide Attacks «100% Good»; 9/11, London Attacks by U.S. or Zionists – Not Bin Laden;