Britisk politi registrerer økt aktivitet blant høyreekstreme. Politiet frykter de planlegger en spektakulær aksjon. Målet er å bryte ned tilliten mellom folkegrupper og skape konfrontasjon. Både muslimer og jøder er målgruppe.

Commander Shaun Sawyer, of the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command (SO15) told a meeting of the Muslim Safety Forum last week: «I fear that they will have a spectacular … They will carry out an attack that will lead to a loss of life or injury to a community somewhere. They’re not choosy about which community.»
He added that the aim of such an attack would be to cause of a «breakdown» in community cohesion.
In a tacit admission that moves are afoot to increase the section within SO15 which monitors far right groups we told the forum: «We need to grow that unit.»
Although the main focus of far right violence appears to be the Muslim community, Jewish groups have also reported a marked increase in neo-Nazi style violence recently.

Både muslimske og jødiske organisasjoner melder om økt trusselvirksomhet. Men Muslim Council of Britain feier alt inn under rubrikken – økt islamofobi, og rammer dermed også legitim kritikk.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said that there had been a «phenomenal» increase in reports of mosques being targeted in the past few years.
«We have certainly become conscious of the fact that Islamophobia is now moving into actions, such as attacks on mosques, attacks on property or women who are presumed to be Muslim because of their dress,» said a spokesman for the MCB.
«We have noted an alarming increase.»

De høyreekstreme er ikke så nøye med målgruppene: jøder eller muslimer kan være hip som happ.

Meanwhile the Community Security Trust (CST), which advises synagogues on security matters and monitors antisemitic attacks, also noted a small but significant increase in the number of convictions for attacks or threats from neo-Nazi groups.
David Rich, of the CST, said he was aware of about 10 convictions since 2000, which represented a sharp increase on the previous decade.
«We have regular discussions with the police about where the threat might be coming from and they have been aware of this threat for quite some time.

Police fear far right ‘spectacular’ attack to stoke racial tensions