Den pakistanske kommentatoren Ahmed Rashid ser og formulerer klarere enn de fleste hva som er galt. De militante madrassaene (koranskolene) i Pakistan må stenges. Tony Blairs formaninger til tross, man har ennå ikke begynt å ta islamsk ekstremisme ordentlig på alvor for den trusselen den er. Pakistans president Musharraf har rett når han ber britene rydde opp i eget hus. Men selv har han gjort enda mindre.

«There is no way you can deal with this menace [of terrorism] except head-on,» said Prime Minister Tony Blair. Yet the truth of the matter is that neither government has tackled the issue of Islamic extremism head-on.
Britain has allowed militant Muslim preachers freedom to preach their message of hate in the mosques, the meeting halls and the sitting rooms of British Muslims. Literature and videos promoting extremism have been allowed to spread deep into the Muslim community. While some outsiders saw this as typical British eccentricity or liberalism, foreign intelligence agencies have been furious with British laxity for some years.

The four July 7 bombers did not have to enrol in a Pakistani religious school or madrassa to learn about Islamic extremism, because it was available in Yorkshire. Experts now think it unlikely that the three London bombers who came to Pakistan last year enrolled in a madrassa to become ideologised. Instead, they arrived fully brainwashed and probably used their time making contact with al-Qa’eda and Pakistani militant groups to train in explosives.

And every Pakistani who saw the TV pictures of how British Pakistanis live in Leeds was shocked at how no attempt has been made to integrate them. The Leeds suburbs looked like ghettos or a typical poverty-stricken Punjabi village, except in red brick.
Last night, Musharraf still failed to order the closure of madrassas controlled by extremist groups. The promised reform in 2002, which Musharraf pledged at meetings with Bush and Blair in Washington and London, has not been implemented. Until the London bombings, neither leader had bothered to ask Musharraf why not, although both have given funding for education.

Nothing will change until Musharraf closes Pakistan’s militant madrassas