Vestlig etterretning er bekymret over at rekrutteringen til jihad i Irak er økende i Europa. Irak har i visse miljøer antatt samme apell som Afghanistan i sin tid gjorde.

Akkurat som Afghanistan hadde en radikaliserende effekt, kan man spørre hvilken virkning Irak vil ha på den radikale delen av Europas muslimer.

Evidence of the rise in recruitment in Europe has emerged as concern grows that sympathy for the conflict is spreading to 2_kommentarstream Islamic communities that have thus far rejected violence. There are fears of an ‘Afghanistan effect’ in a new generation of young men, inspiring them to fight the Americans in Iraq in the same way that a previous generation flocked to fight the Russians.

Some intelligence sources believe that there are now up to 21 networks active in Europe, some of them linked to more than 60 groups in the Mahgreb area of north Africa, involved in training and recruitment of volunteers, many for suicide bombing missions in Iraq.
A typical volunteer is a well-educated, upwardly mobile man in his mid-to-late twenties – European volunteers are on average aged 25 – from a middle-class background and a stable family, and without a strong religious upbringing. Many spoke several languages and were technologically literate. Almost two-thirds – including Europeans – were married.

Insurgents trawl Europe for recruits