Iran and Syria say they are to form a com­mon front to face chal­lenges and threats from over­seas.

We are ready to help Syria on all grounds to con­front threats,” Ira­nian Vice-Pre­si­dent Moham­mad Reza Aref said after meeting Syrian PM Naji al-Otari. 

BBC News


Wash­ing­ton is con­si­de­ring new sanc­tions against Syria because of its refusal to wit­hdraw its 14,000 tro­ops from Leba­non.

US Assi­stant Secre­tary of State Wil­liam Burns, visi­ting Bei­rut for Mr Hariri’s fune­ral on Wed­nes­day, cal­led for a “com­plete and imme­diate wit­hdra­wal”.

In Teh­ran, Syrian Prime Minis­ter Otri said his meeting with the Ira­nian lea­dership was taking place at a “very impor­tant and deli­cate time, with Syria and Iran facing numerous chal­lenges”.

Iran’s vice-pre­si­dent said his coun­try would stand with Syria.

Our Syrian brot­hers are facing spec­i­fic threats and we hope they can bene­fit from our expe­ri­ence. We are ready to give them any help neces­sary,” Mr Aref said.

The meeting came as Ira­nian Intel­li­gence Minis­ter Ali Yunesi said the US had been fly­ing surveil­lance dro­nes over its nuclear sites.

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