Det er nesten ikke til å tro: Canadas tidligere statsminister Jean Chretien drar til Iran for et canadisk oljeselskap. Han skal være gjest hos det samme regimet som slo ihjel en canadisk statsborger i fjor sommer, bare fordi hun var iransk født, kvinne og fotograferte utenfor Erwin-fengslet.

Canada hjemkalte ambassadøren en periode. Så var det back to business as usual. Stort tydeligere kan det ikke demonstreres hva som er målestokken i Vesten: penger.

Zahra Kazemi var en sterk kvinne. Historien vakte internasjonal oppmerksomhet. Myndighetene i Iran ble tvunget til å redegjøre for hva som hadde skjedd.

Sønnen skriver et bitende brev til Chretien:

To former prime minister Jean Chretien:

Like many Canadians, I recently learned of your coming visit to Iran as a representative of a Calgary-based oil company. It is reported that the purpose of your trip is to conclude a deal with the Iranian government on behalf of this firm.

I write to congratulate you.

Your failure to ensure that justice was served in the case of my mother, Zahra Kazemi — who was murdered by the Iranian regime while you were prime minister — has apparently paid off: You are now most welcome in Tehran.

Last June, my mother was arrested without cause by agents of the Iranian government, who then beat and tortured her to death. No doubt, you remember the case and so are well-informed of the systematic violations of human rights that take place in Iran, as well as the circumstances that surround the killing of my mother.

And yet, knowing this, you are off to shake hands with representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the executioners who less than a year ago had my mother murdered.

I can only thank you for doing this now, Mr. Chretien — for you are demonstrating clearly what a charade Canada’s fervent defence of human rights is. Despite your speeches about human rights when you were at the head of our government, you are now conferring your personal prestige on Iran’s regime, and by extension its crimes against humanity.

Bravo, Mr. Chretien. I knew I could count on you to take the veil off your government’s hypocrisy. The politics that you practice now show how your government favours «business as usual» before human rights. Congratulations.

Stephan Hachemi, Montreal.

Chretien and Kazemi