Konflikten i Nigeria ligger under horisonten for 2_kommentarstream nyheter, men kan eksplodere når som helst. Minst 67 muslimer ble drept av kristne i byen Yelwa søndag. Noen sier det virkelige tallet er 200.

Det farlige er at overbefolkning og kamp om livsgrunnlaget følger konfliktlinjen mellom kristne og muslimer. Det er en eksplosiv blanding.

Guvernøren for Plateau State ble bedt om å klargjøre rapporter om at han har bedt ikke-innfødte om å forlate området.

BBC Africa analyst Elizabeth Blunt says that «‘non-indigenes» means the Muslim community, even though it may be 100 years since their families settled in the area.

Mutilated and charred corpses were still lying on the 2_kommentar street of the remote market town on Tuesday, reports a Reuters correspondent in the town.

Almost every house lining the 2_kommentar street of Yelwa was burned and some were still smouldering. A mosque was also destroyed, Reuters reports.

Thousands of Muslims lined the roadside chanting religious slogans and vowing revenge on the attackers.

«Allah will avenge us. The pagans have killed our people,» said one man.

In Christian villages near Yelwa, hundreds of youths were sitting on the roadside, apparently awaiting further violence, Reuters says.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that several thousand men from four predominantly Christian ethnic groups surrounded Yelwa on Sunday.

Some of the men wore uniforms, while others were stripped to the waist and painted black.

They carried what a crowd of townspeople described as sophisticated weapons.

Then they went from house to house killing whoever they could find.

Konflikten er ikke ny, og den har et annet aspekt som minner om Rwanda: Muslimene, fulani, er kvegoppdrettere, og de kristne er bønder.

In February, 48 Christians were killed by armed Muslim Fulanis in Yelwa after they had taken refuge in a church.

Muslim Fulani cattle herders and Christian Tarok farmers have been clashing in central Nigeria for more than two months.

They are fighting 2_kommentarly over land and cattle. Thousands of people are reported to have fled the fighting.

In 2001 more than 1,000 people died in religious clashes in the state capital of Jos.