Kurderne i Syria minnes idag sine døde etter urolighetene for 40 dager siden. En regner med at 25 ble drept og rundt 100 såret. Myndighetene frykter spredning fra Irak.

A statement issued by the Kurdish Yekiti Party said daily and random arrests of Kurds continue since last month and that detainees were being subjected to «all kinds of torture.» Several of them have died under severe beating, it said, and estimated that about 2,000 Kurds are still detained.

Human rights groups in Syria have criticized the continuing arrests. Activist Aktham Naisse, chairman of the Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria, issued a report earlier this month accusing authorities of arresting more than 1,000 Kurds and torturing many of them. Two Kurds died under torture in prison, he said in the report. Naisse was arrested two days later and is still being held.

Kurds, who make up bout 1.5 million of Syria’s 18.5 million people, are not recognized by Syria’s constitution. They live mostly in the underdeveloped provinces of Qamishli and Hasakah and occasionally complain of being marginalized in Syria.

Syria and other Iraqi neighbors with large Kurdish minorities are concerned Kurds in their countries may be inspired to become more assertive because of the political rise of Kurds in neighboring Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein last year. (AP)