Den gamle kjempen John le Carre har mistet grepet, og ikke bare det, han er i ferd med å miste sitt publikum, skriver Daniel Johnson i en heller trist sak i dagens Telegraph.

«Poor old John le Carré. First he lost his theme – the Cold War – and now he is losing his audience. Those who listened to the end of the embarrassing interview he gave to Jim Naughtie yesterday on the Today programme must have squirmed, as I did, when le Carré compared himself to Victor Klemperer, the great diarist who survived the Holocaust, and compared the Americans, by implication, to the Nazis.»

«Le Carré has a new novel out, newspaper extracts of which suggest that the author, having pensioned off Smiley a decade ago, is rather lost without him. Absolute Friends recycles lots of familiar Cold War material. Its villains, however, are no longer KGB spymasters but those who defeated them. The West is the new Eastern bloc; the sinister Right is the new Left; loyalty to the Atlantic alliance is the new treachery.»

«Someone should tell le Carré that anti-Semitism is the hatred that has come in from the cold.»