Av Laurent Murawiec

For five hundred years, from 1100 to 1600, Europe was wracked by Gnostic insurrections, from the Flanders to Northern Italy, from Bohemia to France: Pastoureaux, Taborites, Flagellants, Free Spirits, Anabaptists, etc. The belief-structure just described was theirs. They mobilized hundreds of thousands of people, threatened kingdoms and overthrew dukedoms, they slaughtered Jews, priests and rich people, they created their own, grotesque, bloody, totalitarian ‘republics.’

«Soon we shall drink blood for wine,» one of the leading insurgent writers stated, «those who do not accept baptism… are to be killed, then they will be baptized in their blood.» And another one: «Accursed be the man who withholds his sword from shedding the blood of the enemies of Christ. Every believer must wash his hands in that blood. every priest may lawfully pursue, wound and kill sinners.» And «the Just… will not rejoice, seeing vengeance and washing their hands with the blood of sinners.» Hear Thomas Müntzer: «curse the unbelievers… don’t let them live any longer, the evil-doers who turn away from God. For a godless man has no right to live if he hinders the godly. The sword is necessary to exterminate them… if they resist let them be slaughtered without mercy… the ungodly have no right to live, save what the Elect choose to allow them… Now, go at them… it is time… The scoundrels are as dispirited as dogs… Take no notice of the lamentations of the godless! They will beg you… don’t be moved by pity… At them! At them! While the fire is hot! Don’t let your sword get cold! Don’t let it go lame!»

By and large, the same screeds are heard from a variety of Islamic radicals. «Die before you die!» Ali Shariati tells the Shiite believer. «He who takes up a gun, a kitchen knife or even a pebble with which to arm and kill the enemies of the faith has his place assured in Heaven. An Islamic state is the sum total of such individual believers. An Islamic state is in a state of war until the whole world sees and accepts the light of the True Faith,» said Ayatollah Fazlallah Mahalati, organizer of Iranian assassination squads. «To allow the infidels to stay alive means to let them do more corrupting. To kill them is a surgical operation commanded by Allah… we have to kill… war is a blessing for the world and for every nation, It is Allah himself who commands men to wage war and kill… It is war that purifies the earth,» said Ruhollah Khomeiny. And article 15 of the Hamas charter, explains: «I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and kill, assault and kill, assault and kill!» As I said, a soldier kills, a jihadi loves to kill. And what was the dismal arithmetic conveyed by some jihadi that since the Americans had purportedly killed a lot of Muslims, the Muslims were «entitled» to kill 4 million Americans, children included?

Torah recounts the end of human sacrifice: it forcefully states that God’s Law is THOU SHALT NOT MURDER that was adopted by Christians. Today’s jihad is a giant regression to pre-Abrahamic times, to Moloch and Baal.

In modern times in the West, as Eric Voegelin and Norman Cohn have shown, the ideology morphed and took on secular forms — Nazis and Bolsheviks in particular. Islam, was heavily burdened by Gnostic contents, and historically shaped by a tribal matrix that inherently fosters Manichean tendencies («them»-vs.-«us»). The jump from mere religion to religious ideology was easy. It was achieved in the 19th century by Jamal al-Din al-Afghani. It was followed by Abu Ala Mawdoodi, Hassan al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Ali Shariati, Ruhollah Khomeiny, Osama bin Laden. Hamas, Hezbollah, the Deobandi of South Asia, the Indonesian Jemaah Islamiyya, the Talibans, the Wahhabi, share this outlook.