Briter har så høy standing i USA at de ikke engang kalles europeere, skriver Timothy Garton Ash i denne artikkelen om amerikanske stereotypier av Europa. Verre er det med franskmennene.
«The problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur»!!

-The emotional leitmotifs of anti-Americanism are resentment mingled with envy; those of anti-Europeanism are irritation mixed with contempt….Anti-Europeanism is very far from being an American obsession. In fact, the predominant American popular attitude toward Europe is probably mildly benign indifference, mixed with impressive ignorance, skriver Garton Ash. Og videre: -Even among lifelong liberal State Department Europeanists there is an acerbic edge of disillusionment with the Europeans. A key episode in their disillusionment was Europe’s appalling failure to prevent the genocide of a quarter of a million Bosnian Muslims in Europe’s own backyard

Lesverdig artikkel! Med referanse til Robert Kagans artikkel «Power and Weakness».