Jihad is a disturbing fact for the powers that be in Norway. They wish it would go away. When it truly appears, in broad daylight, they pause for a moment and then conclude: Nothing to see here, move on.

The guy that went on a rampage in downtown Oslo Tuesday morning, near Bislet stadion, was obviously deranged. But he managed to shout Allah Akbar as he lounged himself against the police.

They intervened befor he managed to slash someone with the large kitchen knife. Uanarmed people don’t have a chance against a madman with such a weapon. Yet journalists were quick to question why the police rammed him with his car.

-When did ramming someone become part of police procedure, asked anchorwoman at NRK, Ingerid Stenvold.

At the leftwing state broadcasting these are standard procedure: If police use deadly force against muslims, there is reason for suspicion. Always.

The pictures are dramatic: A half naked madman attacking with a hig knife. Turned out he has done it before. In June of 2019 he did the same in another part of the city. He was sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment. This was in December 2020. But there are not enough resource to go around. There are too many similar cases and quietly the people are let out. And they show up with a big knife attacking people in the street, once more.

The police see no motive, they will not deem this terror. No matter how many times people shout Allahu Akbar and try to kill someone.

This is a very sad story, and there will be more.

Glimmer of hope are the policeman whos reflexes were in the right place when confronted. They are noe around every time.

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